Bighorn National Forest temporary job application window opening

The Bighorn National Forest has announced they are looking to fill positions across the Forest and across programs. 

According to the BNF, non-fire temporary positions will include recreation (trails, wilderness, climbing ranger, off highway vehicle, river), timber, range, wildlife, fisheries, botany, archeology, hydrology, equipment operator and customer service. Duty stations include Greybull, Buffalo, and Sheridan, Wyo. Applications must be submitted between Sept. 29, and Oct. 6, 2022. Government housing may be available for some positions. More than one position may be filled for each job announcement listed below. These positions will be temporary, not to exceed 1039 hours. All positions will be advertised on USAJOBS:         

Fire positions are hired separately. The Bighorn is advertising wildland fire positions for engines, fire module, and hotshots. Successfully passing the work capacity test (WCT) at the arduous level is a condition of employment for all wildland fire positions.  According to the BNF, the arduous work capacity test requires completing a 3 mile hike within 45 minutes while carrying a 45 pound pack. Housing may be available at some duty stations. More information on all these positions may be found here

Those who wish to be considered must apply to the corresponding announcement number by midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the day the vacancy announcement closes. Announcement numbers for all positions can be found online in the BNF hiring guide, here.  All applicants who have applied to the announcement on or before the listed closing date and are found to be qualified will be referred for consideration. 

How to apply: Apply online at This online application process allows applicants to submit employment information that can be printed for personal use and/or edited on the website for future use. Accounts can be used for other federal job vacancies. 

The Bighorn reminds applicants, they must mark “yes” to the question regarding accepting a temporary appointment. A temporary appointment is no more than 1,039 hours. If “no” is marked, applicants will not be considered for these positions

By selecting the “Location Negotiable” option during the application process, applicants will be considered for any official duty location listed on this announcement and/or those duty locations not listed for this Regional announcement. Alternatively, applicants can specify particular duty stations.

More Information on how to apply can be found here.

Contact any ranger district office for more information about the Bighorn National Forest. 

In Buffalo, call the Powder River Ranger District at 307-684-7806. 

In Sheridan, call the Tongue Ranger District at 307-674-2600. 

In Greybull, call the Medicine Wheel Ranger District at 307-765-4435. 

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