Kinskey: Education Being Driven in Reverse

Senator Dave Kinskey says the state is taking the wrong approach to determining education needs. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Dave Kinskey, who represents Sheridan and Johnson counties in Wyoming’s Legislature, believes the state’s education system is being driven by the wrong criteria.

In a recent meeting, Kinskey talked about recalibration and the basket of goods the Legislature has been asked to consider.

Kinskey said the Supreme Court justices also mandated that the Legislature re-examine the costs every five years – which has led to the legislators’ recalibration of the basket of goods that school districts are required to provide.

Senator Dave Kinskey. (Courtesy photo)

He said the requirement for recalibration is what’s led to the Legislature spending half to three-quarters of a million dollars for out-of-state consultants to examine the education system. Kinskey said he thinks there are a lot of good things in the basket of goods. But there’s a downside.

Kinskey said soon the students have no slack in the education system to take electives if they want to get a Hathaway Scholarship. He said there have been big battles in the Senate, with some of the senators, including Kinskey, have argued for backing off the basket of goods and give students choices.

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