Superintendent Candidate Looks to Empower Parents

One of the Republican candidates for Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction spent some time in Sheridan Wednesday and stopped by Sheridan Media for an interview. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the story.

Superintendent Candidate

In April, former chief policy officer for the Wyoming Department of Education Megan Degenfelder announced her candidacy for state superintendent of public instruction. Degenfelder says she decided to run in part due to anti-American values that are making their way into the education system.

Megan Degenfelder

Degenfelder talked about how her experience in the Department of Education would benefit her as superintendent.

Megan Degenfelder

Degenfelder said that she’s extremely passionate about empowering parents.

Megan Degenfelder

The deadline for candidates to file for this year’s primary election is 5 pm Friday, May 27. This year’s primary election is August 16 and the general election is November 8.


  1. Anti-American values? Really? I would love see some examples instead of just taking her word. To me this sounds more like a code word for people like her to do her own indoctrination. When does the book banning start or did I miss that already?

  2. To heck with Critical Race Theory which a) is not being taught anywhere but Graduate Schools and B) isn’t nearly as scary as the right would have you believe (don’t take my word for it – read Richard Delgado,the guy who invented it).
    That being said, let’s get on to the real culprits- Math Teachers. Do you realize that your children in Kindergarten are being taught Arabic numerals- How could anything be more Anti-American than that? Glad you asked, because by junior high your kids are being taught the Satanic beliefs of Al Gebar who was condemned by the Catholic Church for using magic to predict things he couldn’t observe directly. ( apologies to Tim and Nancy- I couldn’t resist.)

    • Derrick Bell created the CRT, ray, and it is being taught in the govt school systems. Perhaps you should come out of your echo chamber for a look see once in awhile. A very simple search will bring up many results for you to investigate.

      • Bell popularized it in the 80’s Delgado invented the term in the 70’s. Simple and thorough are not necessarily compatible. Best to go past the headline. Also, what govt school system- op cite please.

        • CA, NY, VA and others. “Not my Idea” is one of the books. AG Garlands son in law owns a company that produces CRT books. The “is not being taught anywhere but in Graduate Schools and law schools” is a lie perpetuated by the AFT and NEA. You could easily look this up yourself. Teaching kids to hate others and themselves is evil ray. Maybe the schools should concentrate on STEM subjects, and not the drivel perpetuated by haters.

          • After reading the article in the NY Post it’s too bad you didn’t go to the Paramount web site- they aren’t a book publisher, they are a survey and data compilation company. And frankly, if you have, in fact read Delgado and Bell et al and still try to portray them as haters I can only believe you’re projecting.

  3. Empower parents? Which group of parents are you doing to empower? the ones who want masks or the ones who don’t? the ones who want teachers to be able to take phones away or the ones who want disruptive kids to be able to keep them? you could go on and on. You gonna empower Christian parents or Native American religion parents or buddhists or atheists? thats why its a really good idea to separate church from state. Thats why we have school boards so we don’t have every different group of parents yelling and banging their fists on the podium. its not the job of schools to empower parents. if we could just learn to empower kids then we would have something.

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