Bench Trial Set for December in Civil Suit Against School District Two

A bench trial has been scheduled for December 5 and 6 of this year in 4th Judicial District Court in Sheridan in the civil case – Calentine et al. vs. Sheridan County School District #2. The bench trial was scheduled during a hearing this week before District Court Judge Darci Phillips. The lawsuit pertains to District #2’s mask requirement that was in place for the start of the school year and was later lifted in November, 2021.

The lawsuit filed in 4th Judicial District Court in Sheridan County alleges that District #2’s mask policy irreparably harmed the plaintiffs – four parents of children in District #2 schools, by infringing on their fundamental rights and they are entitled to relief.


  1. These “victims” should sued themselves for wasting our School District’s time and money on legal cost over their little mask tantrum.

  2. There never should have been a mask mandate for the school kids in the first place. Unfortunately despots know that fear mongering goes a long way, and to push it on Americas children is despicable. Its sad what is occurring now in the US.

  3. Well in light of Dr Fauci comments after the court overturn of fed mask mandates on airplanes, not only should CDC,public health officials health decions, be above the law,and courts review, maybe we should alow our school boards to be above the laws and alow them to never be questioned by voters, parents, and the courts.. Remember, the rules are for the ruled, not the rulers!!!

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