WY Fuel Tax Bill Not Introduced In Legislature

Wyoming’s gas tax rate will remain where it is for at least another year.

House Bill 14, which would have increased the tax by 15 cents a gallon by July 2024, died in the Legislature when it was not considered for introduction.

Had it passed, the tax would have increased by 5 cents starting this July, another 5 cents in July next year, and another 5 cents in July 2024, thus increasing the overall tax from 24 to 39 cents per gallon.

The money raised would have gone towards WYDOT highway construction, repair and maintenance and could not have been spent on operating or administrative expenses. 

WYDOT funding is mostly provided by fuel tax revenue and federal dollars.

The department receives no funding from the Wyoming State Legislature.

A WYDOT spokesperson says the department is facing an estimated shortfall of more than $245 million.

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  1. I’m shocked…I thought it would happen this year…evidently there must be other tax revenue increases on the agenda

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