Council Approves Ordinances Pertaining to Signs and Animals

Signs and animals were topics of consideration at Monday night’s Sheridan City Council meeting. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Council Approves Ordinances Pertaining to Signs and Animals

The Council approved third and final reading of ordinance #2233, which deals with animals at large, aggressive animals and cruelty/neglect of animals. Prior to approval of the ordinance, an amendment that would have prohibited the declawing of cats within the City failed to pass by a vote of 5 to 2, with Councilors Jacob Martin and Shawn Day voting in favor of the amendment that would have essentially deemed cat declawing as animal cruelty. Councilor Day said in his eyes, it is indeed animal cruelty.

Shawn Day

Councilor Steve Brantz discussed why he voted against the amendment.

Steve Brantz

The Council also voted to pass first reading of an ordinance that amends the City’s current ordinance pertaining to signs. We’ll have more on that item as well as other news from the Council meeting in future stories.


  1. Councilor Day and Councilor Brantz are absolutely correct!! De-clawing a cat is indeed cruel!! It must be stopped!! Those 3 that voted in favor of it should go and have their fingernails and toenails removed!

  2. FIRST of all I am pet owner and I’m totally against animal cruelty..!!! but come on honestly we have bigger and better things to worry about in our town then what somebody is doing with their cats or their dogs that’s already on the books from the state heads..!!!

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