A Look Back in Time: March 29, 1921

Now here’s Sheridan Media’s look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on March 29, 1921.

In a special meeting this morning, Sheridan’s City Council accepted the first streets in the new paving district to be created. The district will involve an expenditure of some $200,000 in paving work during the coming summer.

The Sodality Sewing Circle will meet with Mrs. Nellie Tynan at 251 South Thurmond this afternoon.

A 5-pound can of Crescent Cream coffee is $2.40 at Irvin’s Cash Grocery.

The Sheridan Press Brick and Tile company today is loading two cars with bricks consigned to Moorcroft. The company last week shipped a car of brick to Buffalo and another to Gillette.

For more lookbacks and to see the front page of today’s Sheridan Enterprise, visit www.sheridanwyoming.com.

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