A Look Back in Time: Nov. 25, 1920

Now here’s Sheridan Media’s look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on Nov. 25, 1920.

Bill Eaton is visiting in Sheridan today from the Eaton ranch.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bentley of North Connor street entertained a number of relatives and friends yesterday.

Burlington Train No. 42 arrived in Sheridan 2 hours and 11 minutes late today, causing the circulation of a rumor that the train had been wrecked. The report has been denied by local Burlington officials, who said the train was held in Billings for connection with a Northern Pacific train that was late.

Miss Ellen Augusta Dyer and Mr. James K. Chaney were married in a pretty wedding at 1 o’clock yesterday at the Methodist parsonage.

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