Drainage work approved for Weatherby

(Photo from Sheridan Media Files)

The Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority joint powers board – also known as SEEDA – has approved work to improve drainage at the Weatherby building in Sheridan’s High Tech Business Park.

Kent Anderson, SEEDA’s project manager, presented an overview of the project at the SEEDA board meeting Thursday.

Anderson said the current quote is $63,000 for the project.

He said that includes the ability to add drain power in the future if problems continue. He said the cost also includes a generator for the sump pumps in case electrical power goes out.

SEEDA Chairman Gary Koltiska. (Photo by Pat Blair)

SEEDA Chairman Gary Koltiska asked why the drainage project had not been put out for bid. Robert Briggs, SEEDA administrator, said that was because the drainage was being treated as part of the initial capital construction project for the Weatherby building.

Anderson elaborated that the contractors for the drainage are the same as for the original construction. He said those contractors know where the systems are and how to tie into them.

He said going out for separate bid on the drainage project would add more money to the overall project cost because additional design work would be needed.

In other action Thursday, the SEEDA board approved a termination agreement between SEEDA and Vacutech.

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