Governor Gordon Appoints Joe Belcher Director of the Wyoming Guardians Ad Litem Program

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Monday announced the appointment of Joe Belcher Director of the Wyoming Guardians Ad Litem (GAL) Program. Belcher’s appointment is effective immediately. According to a news release from the Governor’s office, Belcher has 10 years of experience with the GAL Program and currently serves as Chief Trial and Appellate Counsel and Supervising Attorney for the First, Second and Eighth Judicial Districts.

In that position Belcher represents juveniles involved in termination of parental rights cases across the state and files appellate briefs to the Wyoming Supreme Court on behalf of the Office of the Guardian ad Litem. He previously served as Supervisory Attorney in the program in the Sixth Judicial District. Belcher holds Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Wyoming.

The Wyoming Guardian ad Litem Program is a state- and county-funded agency that provides legal representation for children in juvenile court. These appointments are mandatory in all abuse/neglect juvenile court cases and discretionary in children in need of supervision and delinquency juvenile court cases. The GAL Program also provides representation to children in termination of parental rights and appeal cases that arise out of these cases.

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