Cheney calls Biden’s vice presidential pick a ‘mistake’

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Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney in a recent interview said she think’s Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate is going to be a mistake for him politically.

Asked for her opinion during an interview on KCWY’s “Wyoming News Now” this week, Cheney said Harris’ views are so radical that she doesn’t think Harris helps him. She said she thinks he was trying to placate the far-left wing of the Democratic party by naming Harris – which, she said, indicates to her that he isn’t really leading the party but is more concerned with keeping them happy.

Asked about her own experience in the U.S. House and what she’s been proud of, Cheney said in her second term in Congress, she was elected the Republican Conference chair, which is the third-ranking person in Republican leadership.

She said that means she can give Wyoming a seat at the table on every issue Congress is facing. She said there’s been a particular focus on COVID-19, and last week, she introduced legislation focused on telehealth. Her intent, she said, is to make sure that people are getting as much access as possible to telehealth.

Cheney, who’s running for re-election this year, said she’s looking forward to getting through the primary, then the general election. She said there’s a huge amount of work to do, both in making sure that President Trump is re-elected and that the Republicans keep Wyoming’s Senate seat.

Cheney said one of the issues that has been so important for Wyoming is the deregulation that’s happened during the Trump administration, and the support for fossil fuels and the support for Wyoming’s agriculture industry.

She said it’s important to continue to have leaders who understand that fundamental decisions about land use, the energy industry and grazing are best made locally.


  1. Cheney has a lot of gaul talking about Biden’s business when her own party is a blathering joke anymore…it sure is not the party of Lincoln.

    • A LOT OF GAUL INDEED!!! In light of the lying, election rigging talk-show host she is backing for re-election. America cannot afford another 4 years of setting one american against another and stupid lying tweets.

  2. Different Republican senators have different ideas, but across the party as a whole, there is no plan. The Republican Party has no policy theory for how to contain the coronavirus, nor for how to drive the economy back to full employment. And there is no plan to come up with a plan, nor anyone with both the interest and authority to do so. The Republican Party is broken as a policymaking institution, and it has been for some time. So…why all the phony upfront dog and pony show?

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