Hospital adds new OB/Gyn

Dr. Elisabeth Scalva is Sheridan Memorial Hospital's newest OB/Gyn. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Dr. Elisabeth Scalva has joined Sheridan Memorial Hospital as the newest OB/Gyn.

In fact, she said in an interview with Sheridan Media, her first day on the job was Monday.

Originally from Denver, Scalva said she most recently worked in Grand Junction, Colorado, before coming to Sheridan. She said she came to Sheridan because of a very good friend from residency who now practices here.

Dr. Scalva’s arrival means there are now four full-time OB/Gyns on Sheridan Memorial’s staff, plus one person who works on what’s called a PRN basis, meaning the person is called to work when the need arises.

She said an OB/Gyn’s work is up and down, but in general the doctors deliver around 30 to 40 babies a month here.

She said in spite of COVID-19, Sheridan Memorial’s OB/Gyn staff has tried to keep the situation as normal as possible, but precautions are being taken. She said admissions are being screened, and staff are wearing appropriate masks and other personal protective equipment.

She said the goal is to remain as normal as possible while at the same time being as safe as possible.

Dr. Scalva is married, with two children of her own, a 4-year-old daughter and a year-old son, and she said she and her family like to engage in outdoors-type activities, including hiking and biking.

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