Dairy goats, dairy cattle shows held Sunday

In a change of venue, this year's dairy goat and dairy cattle show was moved to the sale barn at the fairgrounds. (Photo by Pat Blair)

In a change of venue, this year’s dairy goat and dairy cattle shows in the Sheridan County Fair moved from the Stone Pavilion, where they’ve been in years past, to the sale barn on the east side of the fairgrounds.

Melissa Petzold, who’s dairy goat superintendent, said the move was made because all shows in this year’s fair have to be held outdoors. The Stone Pavilion is enclosed. The dairy goat show started at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Young exhibitors walk their goats toward the judge. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Petzold said about a dozen youth participated in this year’s fair, all members of Sheridan County’s 4-H organization. She said there were around 20 to 25 animals overall, which is about average size.

The dairy cattle show followed the dairy goat show. Only one participant was entered this year. Dairy cow superintendent Kandra Ankney said three initially signed up, but two couldn’t make it to the show.

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