State Health Officer Discusses ‘Face Coverings’

During Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon’s COVID-19 news conference Tuesday, State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist discussed face-coverings and how they factor in with the State’s modified public health orders.

Dr. Harrist

Dr. Harrist talked about when people should wear face coverings.

Dr. Harrist

Dr. Harrist said that if everyone wears face coverings in the settings that she discussed, it will help all of us be more successful in reducing transmission and allowing the eased restrictions to be maintained.

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  1. I hope the State of Wyoming does the right thing. I saw a letter that Rep. Mark Jennings and others are questioning face masks.I feel like some of our state reps want to cull the herd if you will. Economies can be brought back it will take some work, but once a person has unnecessarily died from something that could have been abated….they dead. No coming back from that.

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