Campbell County Confirms New COVID-19 Case

(Image courtesy of the CDC)

Campbell County Public Health has received word of a new lab-confirmed COVID-19 case.

The woman is in her 20s and is a known contact of another lab -confirmed case, according to officials. She is currently quarantined at home. In addition to that case, Campbell County also has two new probable positive cases, bringing the cumulative case count for the county to 21.

That number includes 15 lab-confirmed cases and six probable cases. According to officials, 15 of the 21 – 11 lab-confirmed cases and four probable cases – have recovered.

According to the Sheridan County incident management team, the number of positive COVID-19 cases here remains at 12, and all 12 have now recovered.

Just over 650 COVID-19 tests have been performed to date in the county, and just over 620 of those have tested negative for the virus. Results of the remaining tests are pending. There have been no hospitalizations due to the virus here.

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