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Natural History Exhibit at Clearmont Historical Center

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Starting on June 1 and running through the month of August, there will be a Natural History Exhibit of the Clear Creek Valley and Northeast Wyoming at the Clearmont Historical Center.

The exhibit will showcase fossils and natural objects from local ranchers, farmers and others who have interesting items related to the evolution of Wyoming landscape, particularly but not limited to, the Clear Creek Valley. Wyoming has gone through enormous changes over thousands of years, from inland seas, rain forests, to semi-arid country.

We are looking to showcase items such as petrified wood, seashells, dinosaur bones, fossils, leaves in coal or rock, etc.

Anything showing the history of the Wyoming landscape as it evolved over time is welcome. Please contact the Center (307-758-4685 or to schedule a drop off time.

The Clearmont Historical Center staff takes great pride in caring for the exhibits to ensure they are safe, secure, and well taken care of. Thank you! Clearmont Historical Center. Displays must be received by May 31.

The next Clearmont Historical Group meeting will be on May 24, at 1 p.m. at the Clearmont Historical Center.

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