Governor Gordon Vetoes Senate File On Prohibition On Delivery Of Unsolicited Ballot Forms

Governor Mark Gordon exercised his veto authority on Senate File 131- Prohibition on delivery of unsolicited ballot forms. (Click here to read the file)

The Governor signed several bills this session to strengthen election integrity and security, but says that changes made to this bill during the legislative process muddled the bill’s language and intent.

The Governor expressed concern that SF 131 as currently written would have resulted in unintended consequences that would compromise election confidence and integrity, and might provide a means to inappropriately suppress proper absentee voting. 

SF0131 was brought forward to address the distribution of certain campaign materials and forms to apply for absentee ballots.

But, the Governor wrote, clarifying language was removed from the final bill.

“I want to be clear, at no time have I been presented with facts of fraud, mismanagement, or malfeasance in Wyoming’s election process. Even so, over the past month, I have signed those bills which strengthen election integrity and security, such as codifying existing election rules. SF0131, as delivered to my desk, is superfluous and potentially confusing. Consequently, I must veto SF0131,” Governor Gordon wrote. 

Click here to read the Governor’s veto letter. 


  1. Have we gotten so lazy that we can’t even ask for a ballot? We have to have them mass-mailed to everyone?
    If it’s too much trouble to pick up a phone and request a ballot, maybe you shouldn’t be voting.

    • I would think you would like more voters. Maybe they will help you finally win an election at some point.

  2. Gordo is a RINO to the Nth degree, this veto will only make more voter fraud….. I agree with Mr. Fox.

  3. I agree totally with Mr.Fox..want a ballot,ask for a ballot.its my continuing opinion the Wy.governor is an under cover leftist,poorly disguised at best

  4. It’s not about winning, it’s about running for the right reasons and standing for principle. Universal voting is a commie/leftist tactic and allows mass mail-in voter fraud.

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