Senator Lummis Champions Rural Transit Needs During Congressional Hearing

(Courtesy photo)

During a subcommittee hearing of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming questioned Transit officials about federal support for transit systems in rural America. Senator Lummis spoke on the importance of the hearing, entitled “Rural Transit: Opportunities and Challenges for Connecting Communities.”

Senator Lummis

Senator Lummis asked about declining congressional support over the years for buses and transportation vans in rural areas as compared to more urbanized areas. In particular, she asked about the “Bus Formula Program” and the “Rural Area Formula Program.” These are the primary federal programs that provide rural states and local agencies with funds to purchase, repair, and operate their bus and transport van fleets. Senator Lummis sits on all three Senate committees with transportation jurisdiction.

Senator Lummis is working with her colleagues on the Senate Banking Committee to ensure that rural transit operations are not deprioritized in favor of more urban areas during the upcoming surface transportation reauthorization. Wyoming has several transit operations, including both on-demand and fixed-route services.

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dennis west
15 days ago

How about championing the constitution, like you took an oath to do? What about the repub supporters that assaulted the US capitol and, believing your great New York real estate developer leader Big Orange, tried to overthrow a legitimate election? Nothing to say, eh Ms. Lummis? Nothing to see there, right? Do you lack courage or merely afraid you’ll miss out on the status, power and money of being a senator? When did you and fellow repubs decide character and integrity don’t matter anymore?

Cindy Livingston
14 days ago
Reply to  dennis west

So the subject was transportation. But to address some of your concerns; there is more and more evidence being uncovered that fraud in the election did occur, stay tuned on that one. I am totally in favor of championing the Constitution; including the Second Amendment which protects the Country from a tyrannical government. As far as transportation is concerned; rural transportation is essential to getting people out of their homes to be customers of the multiple small businesses that really need their business right now. Also, being able to get out of the home is essential for good physical and mental health. There are various reasons for not driving and having robust transportations systems in rural areas, like our own Goose Creek Transit, is essential to a thriving town.

14 days ago

Good Job Senator!

ray olson
14 days ago

Just a random idea- if the Dems had the ability to fix the election wouldn’t we have thrown in a few more congressional seats?