Mid-March start projected for library roof/HVAC

(Photo from Sheridan Media files)

After talking to contractors on the project, Sheridan County Library Director Cameron Duff said replacement of the roof at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library probably won’t start before mid-March.

In a report to the library board this week, Duff said the problem is in getting materials that are needed for the work.

He said the work will be done in sections, with workers stripping off the old material and putting down new material one section at a time.

Duff told board members probably the most exciting news was that he had received results of asbestos testing on the roof. He said 52 sections of asbestos testing had all come back negative, so no asbestos abatement measures will be required.

Duff said that doesn’t mean there isn’t asbestos in the library building, but it does mean no asbestos in the roofing project. Duff said the library had set aside $100,000 for abatement just in case.

Sheridan County commissioners awarded bids for the library roof/HVAC replacement project in October, including just over $2,000 for the asbestos testing.

Contractor for the roof/HVAC replacement project is Dick Anderson Construction, at a bid price of just over $1 million.

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