200-plus animals are sold in auction

Over 200 animals ranging from small to large were sold in this year's Sheridan County Fair livestock auction. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A little over 200 animals were sold at the market livestock auction that ended this year’s Sheridan County Fair Monday night.

That’s according to Nick Siddle, who’s a member of the livestock sale committee and order buyer for the sale, who talked with Sheridan Media before the event.

Siddle said he thought this year’s numbers were right at the number of animals in the sale for the last couple of years.

Although live-streaming allowed people to watch online and phone in their bids, a large number chose to attend the event in person. (Photo by Pat Blair)

In addition to the live event at the sale barn, the sale was live-streamed online by Sheridan Media, to allow people to watch the sale from their homes if they chose.

Siddle said the sale wasn’t set up for online bidding, but those who chose to stay home could phone in bids on the animals.

Still, Siddle said he was expecting crowds at the sale barn to be around the same size as in past years.

Siddle was also hoping to see good prices paid for the animals. He said most of the sales around Wyoming have been really good, and he was hopeful that Sheridan County’s sale would follow suit.

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