Water Project, SCHPC, Items on Clearmont Council Agenda

Mayor Rohrer told the council at the Monday, Nov. 15, meeting that the water tank project is finished, and the tank is now filled. He said the water is still ‘milky’ but it is safe to use and the water will clear up in time.

Guest Carrie Edinger, Sheridan County Historic Preservation Commission, talked about the SCHPC and their upcoming plans for the county’s historic sites.

She presented the council with a letter introducing the SCHPC and the Sheridan County Land Trust. Edinger is the Historical Program Manager and Events Coordinator of the SCLT. She spoke about what the Land Trust is doing, including the upcoming Explore History Event, Women Who influenced SE Sheridan County on Dec. 14 from 10:30 to noon at The Hub on Smith.

After Edinger’s presentation, the council discussed the fact that the town will plow snow away from the Clearmont Fire Hall this winter, and the town voted to hire Pilch and Reed as accountants.

With Clerk Vineyard’s resignation, the town voted to run an advertisement for a town clerk with the new job description. Vineyard said there was one resume turned in for the job.

The council discussed the part-time maintenance person, with no applications for the position.

Clearmont is now a ‘Quiet Zone’ so the Burlington Northern Santa Fe trains will no longer blow the train whistle on a regular basis as they arrive at the crossing, but the trains are still sounding the whistle. Rohrer said that it would take some time to inform all the engineers on the route so people just have to be patient .Councilwoman Anna Switzer continues to work on making sure that the property owners addresses are consistent and are posted clearly so if the sheriff or ambulance needs to find them they are easy to see.

Cherly Roebling, Clearmont resident, joined the meeting as a guest. She felt the town should make sure the weeds on the BNSF right of way were mowed each summer, as they create a fire hazard and were unattractive. Discussion centered on the fact that the right of way is owned by BNSF, and that it would be trespassing if anyone came in to mow the weeds.

Roebling also felt that there should be air hand dryers in the park restrooms. Currently the park restrooms are closed for the winter. Robeling also wondered if the council could encourage some local residents to take more pride in their homes in Clearmont and do some clean-up. Several ideas were discussed.

Mayor Rohrer suggested that there should be a community meeting that got together all the various groups in Clearmont to come up with a plan on some of Roebling’s ideas to clean up the town.

The meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.

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