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Weather and supply chain issues: projects carry over

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Sheridan County Commission Chairwoman Kristi Haswell and Commissoner Allen Thompson spoke on the budgeting process recently completed with the unanimously approved budget on July 18.

The Chairwoman thanked the Sheridan County Clerk’s Office, the county administrators as well as the departments of Sheridan County for their preparedness. 

Chairwoman K. Haswell 

Haswell reminded the public that although the meetings of the board of county commissioners are often highlighted, there are many meetings and a lot of work behind the scenes that get the budget finished. 

Chairwoman K. Haswell 

When asked if any surprises came up during those meetings, Thompson and Haswell agreed that the meetings were well prepared, but the amendments to last year’s budget have been numerous, caused by supply chain issues and the high amount of precipitation. 


To learn more about the Sheridan County budget, click here.

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