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School Safety, Freedom Discussed at Town Hall

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School safety and a discussion about arming teachers to help keep students safe in the event of a school shooting was one topic discussed at the Jan. 27 Wyoming Freedom Caucus Town Hall held in Sheridan.

One of the speakers on the topic was Representative John Bear,

Representative Ken Pendergraft talked about the issue as well.

Wrapping up the evening was keynote speaker Jeremy Haroldson He talked about the role of government, which is to provide protection from enemies foreign and domestic.

He added that it is not being done in Texas. The President and the Supreme Court are suing Texas for putting in barricades on the border, to keep out those who might do the country harm.

He talked about where government should not interfere.

He talked about why the government wants to take away the second amendment rights.

Haroldson also talked about the founding fathers, and that they were revolutionaries. He added that he wasn’t saying we should grab our pitchforks and march on Washington, DC, but he asked,

He added,

He said that it was the job of citizens to police the government.

He said that we need good teachers to teach our kids. He felt that the University of Wyoming should have a fully elected board of trustees.

He also talked about private property rights, and how if the government can take your land they can take your freedom. We have to protect our water, he said. “If they take our water they have us.”

He added that if people wanted change they have to pray, vote, and they should run for office, to bring about the changes.

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