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Patriot Chat Held in Big Horn Thursday

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On Thursday, Aug 31, at the Big Horn Woman’s Club in Big Horn, The Sheridan County Republican Party held a Patriot Chat to discuss “the gross dereliction of duty” by the Sheridan County Commissioners and what Sheridan County residents can do about it.

Senator Bo Biteman talked about why the Sheridan County Republican Party held the meeting.

He also talked about the legal aspects

The Big Horn Women’s Club building was filled to capacity, with standing room only.



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    Ray Olson

    September 1, 2023 at 11:58 am

    If shall means must, as Gray and Miller et al, would have you believe then why is there a provision in the law for a judge to make the final decision if all of the proposed candidates are unacceptable? Trying to say that threats, intimidation and childish tantrums are tools of governance is ultimately a losing proposition.

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    Dennis Fox

    September 2, 2023 at 10:47 am

    The County commissioners broke the law when they FAILED to select from one of the three highly-qualified candidates. They were selected by a Majority of the Republican Central Committee. The Republican Party followed the law to the letter. The commissioners did not. The governing statute clearly states the Board “Shall choose from one of the three candidates put forward.” “Shall” means “must” in legal terms. “Shall” is Mandatory. Every first-year law student knows that. I’m starting to wonder if the Board was given bad legal advice on purpose. Does their lawyer want them all removed?
    Regardless, the lawyer is not the elected official, either making the final decision nor suffering the consequences. The commissioners are the elected ones.
    Commissioners are the ones accountable to the voters! Each individual commissioner is responsible for their own actions. They are each, individually accountable to the People of Sheridan County. They best remember that, post haste. And it’s never too late for one of them to do the right thing.

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