1. Only N95 and military NBC style masks work. The cloth masks are a joke along with the ones handed out at stores. They also need to be washed every other day.

  2. If your so scared of this whole covid thing then just stay home don’t ruin other people’s lives by making us have to wear a mask because your to sacred to. Making kids wear mask is absolutely stupid. I get yelled at at school for drinking my water. It’s bs. I’m so done with this put us on online school if your so scared, cause im done wearing a mask.

  3. Trump has launched a new business venture. He is selling a bottled libation called “Whine.” It is made with sour grapes. Like almost all of his financial dealings, this, too, will go belly up. It is time for this petulant man-child to face the reality that he has lost. He and his supporters only serve to further undermine the legitimacy of the democratic process and our constitutional system.

  4. We deserve a fair and honest vote there has been way too much fraud in this election which should be a concern for Republicans as well as Democrats this is a proven fact that is under investigation. Not only that but the election officials have not certified the states yet and until they do and the electoral college votes I don’t feel it is a fair and just election. There are too many inaccuracies. aLSO MANY OF THE STATES ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR VOTER FRAUD. Watch Newsmax it’s the actual news!

    • Laura: I am curious about the specific fraud you are aware of. So far all I have seen is the Trump lawsuits for fraud most of which has been throw out of court in many states. Chirps on twitter that present no specific facts. So since you are so convinced, you must have actual factual evidence which I hope you will share the specifics with us on this forum. Thank You in advance for specific dates, numbers and testimony that prove your assertions of fraud. As to NewsMax isn’t it wonderful that ALL of us have news channels that give ALL of us the warm & fuzzy feelings that our bias thoughts, were right all along…

  5. Amen Charlie! Thank you for toning down the runaway liberal slant the two open line hosts have been pushing the last couple months. The SM poll voting apperatus is as much a joke as the election system right now. Anybody with multiple devices can flood your poll with their opinion. Your tally means nothing! Just who has the most desire to slant your poll, maybe like the animated outbursts we have been subjected to from the left the last 4 years . . . Your comments right out of the chute claiming there hasn’t been any evidence found yet, joking/laughing that Trump fired his election security official for announcing the election has been the most secure in history and you insinuating there hasn’t been any proof of fraud just magnifies your fake news slant like the national media has been portraying. You claim you didn’t watch the Trump news conference, but you conveniently “heard” Guiliani had some color dripping down his face while you were cackling. You pretended you were surprised someone thought Biden stepping into office was just a step for the dems to move Harris into his position. Your liberal vibes are on overdrive. Once again, it hasn’t just been noticed only today, but the last few months in both your comments. Then Floyd to get more dramatic with his voice after callers disputed your comments. Poker face you don’t have Floyd, even if we can only hear your voice.

    • I cannot say that Sheridan Media has ever claimed that the weekly poll is anything like a scientifically based survey with rigorous controls for random sampling. Rather it is a basis for providing some foundation for further discussion of whatever the issue of the week happens to be. The Friday open forum provides a platform for the public, or at least the listening audience, to engage in the give and take of discussing a variety of social and political issues. Nothing more, nothing less.

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