Lummis Introduces Legislation to Prevent COVID Heroes From Being Fired Due to Vaccine Mandate

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming joined Senator Marsha Blackburn and colleagues to introduce the “Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act.” The bill would prevent essential workers in Wyoming and across the country from being fired tud to President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Lummis said from the earliest days of the pandemic, frontline workers and first responders in Wyoming put themselves in harm’s way to respond to emergencies, to keep essential goods stocked and to care for the sick in our communities, and we should be celebrating their heroism, not punishing them for exercising their individual health freedoms. Lummis said she’s proud to defend their rights and fight the Biden administration’s mandate.

Lummis said at a time when Wyoming businesses are struggling to hire employees, and essential services like hospitals, airlines, trucking companies and grocery stores are desperate for workers, the president’s mandate may result in the firing of countless essential employees and this bill would prevent that. In August, there were 10.4 million job openings in the U.S. economy.

Lummis added that while these vaccines have proven to be safe and effective, the decision to get vaccinated is a personal one and people in Wyoming – especially the essential workers who showed up to work every day during the worst days of the pandemic – should not be forced into vaccination under the threat of losing their job. 


  1. Blah…blah…blah…another moot pile of horse flop.How about you boughten politicians actually doing something constructive for a change…like stop kicking the same old dead horse.

  2. Cythnia Lummis has no creditability every since she supported the attempted coup of the of the United States Government following a free and fair election. She should be tried for treason.

    • Your coup meme is falling apart, ross, video evidence is out showing a fed asset named ray epps, along with BLM/Antifa leader john sullivan spearheading your coup. The folks that followed came through open doors just to take selfies (SCARY!). To this day epps has not been arrested, and his #16 picture has been removed from the FBIs J6 wanted list. Makes a lame conspiracy theory though.

      • Ah, good spin, Tommy. You are a great comedian, Ha Ha! Another story like the Venezuelan infiltration of voting machines – that too was a good story, eh?. And I hear Fox news is going to dish the “Truth” soon about the attack on the capitol, so there’ll likely be some new material to help your efforts to launder the attempted violation of a democratic institution of peaceful transfer of power. Like Lummis and Barrasso and their repub cronies, you seem to favor the attempt by a New York property developer and his minions to stay in power by whatever means? Go ahead, keep up the charade ’til everyone gets in line or is run off.

        • Labeling people who entered open doors to the capitol in an orderly manner just to take selfies as insurrectionists, is the comedy denny. You can easily search your favorite search engine about what I stated, and watch the videos yourself. Or you can continue to believe everything that the ratings dropping MSM tells you. Please stop with the assumptive stereotypes of which news media I watch, and who I support for congress. Youre embarrassing yourself.

          • Right on, Tommy. Nothing untoward happened that day, nothing to see there – and of course if it did, it was clearly false flag against the fearless leader. Great spin. Great story. Great gaslighting. Who am I gonna believe, you? But certainly not my lyin’ eyes!

  3. What about the regular folks who are just trying to provide for their families, Cynthia? Also, the vaccines have NOT proven to be safe and effective.

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