A/C School Board Discusses Various Topics

Several topics were on the agenda at the regular meeting ofthe Arvada-Clearmont School board on March 10 at 7 p.m.

Auzqui reported that Clearmont received a district accreditation report which gave Clearmont a 96%. “There are a few adjustments we could make to bring it to 100%, but I don’t think we have to do that. Most schools average 85%, so Clearmont is doing very well. Kudos to the board and the A/C School Staff.”

The board watched video presentation from the K-12 Students of what is happening in the school. Mrs. Betz, activities director reported that there had been no cases of Covid during the basketball season. She also reported that FFA member Tamica Smith qualified for state. She told the board that there are three high school athletes and eight junior high athletes are going out for track this year. The board voted to hire Tim Rowe as track coach.

Superintendent Auzqui said that the school is in the process of purchasing a new bus, “The International company is a change in our bus fleet from Bluebird.” Superintendent Auzqui said. “For one thing, International does all the customizing needed for our school.”

Greg Rohrer, business manager, was present via video chat, and he reported that A/C had 43.9% of the budget remaining. “We are setting pretty good,” he told the board.

The Individual Leadership Governance Board Assessment was held, with discussion about how the board had helped the teachers and staff during the current pandemic. Auzqui added that Wyoming and Montana were the only two states where 90% of students are attending school in the brick and mortar schools.

“Clearmont is one of the top ten schools in the state,” Board member Wade Betz said. Board Member Misty Moore felt that due to A/C’s small student to teacher ratio, the school could maximize learning and create an environment for excellence. Betz and Moore both commented that the board could improve on keeping the community informed of the state of the school, and becoming more engaged with the community on school goals.

Most felt the board was doing a good job and Auzqui added that, “The Clearmont Board is very engaged with the staff.”

Two community meetings were held on the issue of mothballing the Arvada School, and Board member Moore, saying she had attended the Arvada School, felt it was right to mothball the school for awhile to keep the options open in the event that Arvada gains new students in the next few years.

Auzqui said the state still had to approve the mothballing process, and another community meeting would be held to keep the community informed.

In other business, hiring a coaching assistant was briefly discussed, with the possibility of finding a volunteer. There will be a second round of Covid-19 funding coming soon, which will help the school budget, and there was some discussion on the upcoming bills in the Wyoming Legislature that would affect the small schools.

Auzqui plans to attend the small schools coalition meeting in Cheyenne next month, and Arvada-Clearmont will host the NE Wyoming Superintendent Association (BOCES) April 1 and 2. The Ranch at Ucross will provide rooms for the visitors, and A/C will provide the meals. Auzqui was also recently elected president of the State Superintendent Association.

“We don’t know when the pandemic will end,” Auzqui said. “But I want to say the board has been very engaged with the staff and teachers during this time.”

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