School District 1 waits for word on finances before filling staff vacancies

Sheridan County School District 1 has six staff positions vacant at this time, but most will remain vacant while district officials wait to see how much education funding will come out of this year’s Legislature.

District 1 Superintendent Pete Kilbride said the one exception is a transportation director position. He said the district will start advertising that vacancy.

Kilbride said the remaining positions, that will not be advertised at this time, include a couple of elementary school positions and a high school counselor. He said the question is whether legislators currently meeting in Cheyenne will cut education spending, and by how much.

He’s concerned about how the cuts will affect education in the state.

If there are cuts, he said, there is a chance School District 1 won’t be able to fill all of the vacant positions.

The Senate Education Committee met Wednesday morning, and Kilbride said the Senate education bill was proposing a lot deeper cuts than were proposed by Wyoming’s House.

Kilbride said as an educator, he hopes the Legislature fully funds education as called for in Wyoming’s constitution. But if not, he said, the cuts will definitely affect programs.

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