Kennon expansion celebrated with ‘steel-raising’

The SEEDA board approved a method for authorizing change orders in the project. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

A “steel-raising” celebrated the expansion of Kennon Products, also known as the “fox prophecy,” at a site under construction in Sheridan’s High Tech Business Park Thursday afternoon.

Kennon CEO Joe Wright in remarks before the event, said that name began when he and others from Kennon first visited the site on May 22, 2018.

In an interview with Sheridan Media before the event, Wright said Kennon Products employees are very excited about the project, and set to move into the new building in June next year.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Dixie Johnson was among those who signed the beam before it was lifted into place. (Photo by Pat Blair)

For the last several years, Kennon has occupied the former Golden Steer restaurant building, about 11,000 square feet which, with another building that Kennon leases nearby, brings the company’s total square footage to about 16,000. Wright said the new building, which will include both office and production space, will be about 35,000 square feet and will be specifically designed to meet the company’s needs.

Kennon CEO Joe Wright shares how the project came to be called the “fox prophecy.” (Photo by Pat Blair)

In addition to personnel with Kennon Products and members of the Sheridan Economic and Educational Develop Authority joint powers board – also known as SEEDA – those at the steel-raising included city and county officials, several of Sheridan’s County’s state legislative delegates and representatives from the Wyoming Business Council.

SEEDA Administrator Robert Briggs spoke of the importance of the business council.

But, he said, the project couldn’t have been accomplished without the Wyoming Business Council.

Those who attended the event were invited to sign their names on a steel beam that was then lifted into place in the building now under construction.

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