SCSD#1 Honors Outgoing SRO Boot Hill

At the September meeting of SCSD#1, held in Big Horn on Tuesday the 20th, the board honored SRO Boot Hill for his years of service to the school. Superintendent Pete Kilbride made the presentation. 

Hill is stepping down because he has been promoted to detective.  Brandon Masters will be the new SRO for Tongue River.  Hill became a little emotional about leaving Tongue River Schools.

Hill talked about the growth in the schools that he has seen over the years, as well as the growth in the SRO in keeping schools safe and that is ‘huge’.

Al Sparkman, principal of Big Horn High School had a presentation about how well BHHS is going this year, and what he wants for the future of BHHS. He wants to be #1 High School in Wyoming in everything they do.  “That is what we aim for,” he said.

Al Sparkman

He said they want to follow the graduates for five years post high school.  He said they want to achieve blue ribbon status in the near future, and to graduate all their seniors.  “We want to make sure all our kids are on target.  If you stumble as a 9th grader, your chance of graduation is 50-50.” 

He said in many subjects, BHHS ranks very high among schools in the state of Wyoming.  He said they had to up their game on the ACT tests.  “We want the class of 2025 to be at or above all the beach marks on the ACT.”

Ethan Alliot and Lily Krumm

Mr. Krumm introduced the two student representatives, one from each school. From Big Horn the representative is Ethan Alliot and from Tongue River it is Lily Krumm. Both gave reports about what is happening in their schools this month.

Several administrators gave reports on how the school year is beginning, with many positive reports from the schools in the district.

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