Hospital Continues to Evaluate Facilities, Needs

Sheridan Memorial Hospital continues to evaluate facilities and the needs of patients. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Those in charge at Sheridan Memorial Hospital continue to weigh what the hospital can offer against the needs, present and future, of the community.

In a recent interview with Sheridan Media, Memorial CEO Mike McCafferty said two areas that are currently being evaluated are the transitional care and urgent care facilities.

McCafferty said urgent care has also grown tremendously over the last few years, and the hospital needs more space for that department as well. He said the hospital is looking at growing urgent care and the occupational health services together, and he’s anticipating moving the urgent care facilities sometime this spring.

Sites across the street from the hospital are being considered for the urgent care department. (Photo by Pat Blair)

He said the hospital is currently evaluating a couple of sites the hospital has directly across the street from the main hospital for that. As part of that, he said, the hospital is evaluating the costs that would be associated with such a move.

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