A/C School Board Discusses Various Topics

Boyd Brown, Interim Superintendent at Arvada/Clearmont School

SCSD #3 help their monthly board meeting on July 21, with all board members present.

Wade Betz read two letters, one from Jennifer Betz, thanking the board for the bonus in May, and one from Krista Auzqui thanking them for the book scholarship.

Jennifer Betz, activities director, said that the school has had no new applications for assistant coaches, and she said one Junior High athlete was considering participating in Cross County and another High School athlete was going to participate in golf during the 21-22 school year. She also mentioned that there may be a bus driver shortage, and the board would have to address the transportation issue on driving athletes home from practice.

Mistys Balleck, special education director, reported that they are expecting an influx of special needs students this fall and she recommended that the board hire a part-time special ed teacher.

The board moved to approve to hire PJ Rozeman as the Junior High Assistant volleyball coach, and Tiffany Greear as the assistant Junior High girls basketball coach.

Boyd Brown, acting interim superintendent, reported on a special legislative session he attended virtually.

The school board is also taking sealed bids for the following vehicles, due by August 9th. A 2007 Toyota Sequoia, 100,541 miles; a 2003 Freightliner Bus, 322,943 miles; and a 2002 Ford Excursion, 181,529 miles.

Business manager/food service supervisor Greg Rohrer reported that the school is doing well financially, with a small percentage of monies being carried over in most departments

The board also approved the disposal of district property and approved moving forward with the procedures to provide for its sale. The property is located at 1704 Sheridan Avenue, in Clearmont.

In a short interview after the meeting, Brown also had this to say about his interim job in Clearmont.

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Chris Schock
1 month ago

It is Krista Malli not Auzqui