WHP will focus on preventing impaired driving during WYO Rodeo week

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will bring in extra hands to help out during Rodeo week in District 4. 

District 4 emcompasses all of I-90 and the northeastern section of Wyoming. According to WHP Lieutenant Erik Jorgenson, the district has approximately 540 miles of Interstate and highway manned by the Highway Patrol.

During WYO Rodeo week, Jorgenson told listeners of  Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse troopers will be focusing efforts on imapired drivers. To aid in enforcement efforts, Jorgenson and the district office will bring in extra troops from around the state who have proven to be proficient in impaired driving identification. 

Lt. E. Jorgenson

Jorgenson and the WHP encourage residents and visitors to engage in the activities and if so desired, have a drink or even a few, but they are asking the public to be safe and drink responsibly and to designate a sober driver beforehand. 

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