JCHC CEO Reports SLIB Reimbursements Approved

Johnson County Healthcare Center CEO Sean McCallister said in his report to the hospital board this seek that the final $600,000 in reimbursements have been approved and received from the state.

The JCHC had applied for $3.1 million in reimbursement from the State Loan and Investments Board, or SLIB, concerning their COVID-19 projects completed at the end of 2020.

The $600,000 was initially denied by SLIB concerning deadline issues on the projects.

McCallister explained more about how the final reimbursement funds were finally approved.

The Johnson County Commission, Wyoming Hospital Association, and the Governor’s office worked together to finally convince the SLIB to give the JCHC their remaining reimbursements for the completed projects.

The projects included the installation of five new air-handling units to replace the existing ventilation system; and renovations of the family waiting room in the acute care area; the surgery patient recovery area; and the sterilization area.

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