Rotary Park locomotive a ‘flagship’ of the line

The locomotive in Rotary Park was a flagship of the CB& Q Railroad. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

The locomotive that occupies Rotary Park at Broadway and Fifth Street was a flagship of what was, at the time, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

That’s according to Blaine Hadfield, who’s a member of the Rotary Club committee that’s taking the lead in cosmetic renovations to the engine and the site it occupies. He said locomotives of that type pulled the most premier passenger trains.

Hadfield said locomotives of that class were built by the CB&Q Railroad from 1930 to 1940.

He said the locomotive would have been built in West Burlington, Iowa, in CB&Q’s own shops there. He said those locomotives were built for high-speed passenger service although they were also used for freight service.

He said five locomotives of that design were assigned to the Alliance District, which is the district of the railroad that included Sheridan. He said it was an extremely important locomotive for the railroad, and the one in Sheridan is one of only three still in existence anywhere in the world.

Hadfield said Sheridan was the westernmost city on the CB&Q line. He said CB&Q trains ran into Laurel, Montana, but they would make the trip into Montana on tracks belonging to a different railroad.

The locomotive has occupied the spot on Broadway and Fifth in Sheridan since 1962 when a Rotarian, who had been a railroader in the early 1900s, facilitated securing the engine for exhibit in Sheridan.

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