Roughly Half of JCHC Staff Opt for Vaccine

During Tuesday’s COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center briefing, it was reported that about half of the facility staff at Johnson County Healthcare Center have opted to have the COVID vaccine.

Facility CEO Sean McCallister said he had hoped for higher numbers, but it seems to be common across the country.

Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Schueler said he believes healthcare workers aren’t taking advantage of a good opportunity by opting to not get vaccinated, and he explained why.

Schueler said it’s never too late to decide to get vaccinated, even if the individual’s priority term has come and gone.

People in the healthcare workforce may still have the opportunity to get the vaccine in the future, although it may be limited to the amount of vaccine available.

He believes that there will be more vaccine available, but more demand and it may be a missed opportunity for those not getting the vaccine now.

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