Time-change bill adopted in Wyoming but not in effect

(Photo from Sheridan Media files)

If House Bill 44 had become law, we wouldn’t be turning our clocks back an hour on Sunday.

House Bill 44 would have put Wyoming on year-round mountain daylight time. Sponsored by Rep. Dan Laursen of Park County, the bill passed in both House and Senate in the 2020 leglislative session and was signed into law by Governor Mark Gordon in March.

But as Sheridan County’s Rep. Mark Kinner recalled in a recent interview with Sheridan Media, there was a catch.

In fact, according to the bill, at least four western states, including Wyoming would have to pass legislation placing all, or a portion, of those states on year-round daylight time, regardless of the time zone the state is in. The bill listed, in addition to Wyoming, six other “western” states: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and Utah.

So far, none of those other states have passed such legislation.

In addition to that requirement, Rep. Laursen’s bill would also be contingent on the U.S. Congress enacting legislation that authorizes states to observe daylight savings time year-round.

If both those conditions had been met, Laursen’s bill would have become effective this coming Sunday.


  1. Thank God we won’t be staying in daylight saving time! Just think of what December would be like in the morning. Students would be starting school in the dark at 8:00 am. Morning is the coldest, darkest and most dangerous time, especially if we have a snowy, icy winter. Someone didn’t think this through. Isn’t anyone in our legislature old enough to remember the OPEC winter in 1973 when the whole country had to go through a daylight saving time winter? I do, I was a teacher in WI at the same latitude as Sheridan.

  2. Another example of wyoming not making their own decisions. Cowards. You don’t see Arizona waiting on neighboring states to follow suit. What a joke.

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