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SCLT Urges Donors to Take Part in WyoGives Challenge

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The June 11 SCLT (Sheridan Community Land Trust) Explore History program about the Trabing brothers has been canceled in both locations, the Hub on Smith and the TRVCC in Dayton.

There will not be an Explore History program this month and Chris Vrba Director of Marketing and Development, said he was not sure what the July program will be.

Vrba also urged those wishing to donate to SCLT to take part in the WyoGives 2024 Challenge. He added that SCLT helps residents to connect to nature, the outdoors, land, history & the places we all love in Sheridan County. The WyoGives Challenge helps SCLT to continue their impact. All gifts MADE BEFORE WyoGives Day on July 10, up to a total of $10,000, will be matched dollar for dollar by Carol & Sam Mavrakis of The Seidler Foundation. Donors can double their impact by making a gift any time before July 10 by: Mailing your gift with a note saying “WyoGives” to: Sheridan Community Land Trust P.O. Box 7185, Sheridan, WY 82801

Your gift helps connect more people to nature, the outdoors, land, history, and the places we love in Sheridan County.

Donors can drop their gift off in person at the SCLT office @14 Lane Lane. The rules for WyoGives means only the gifts given on WyoGives Day through the site will be boosted by the Hugh Charitable Incentive Pool.

Vrba said that once the $10,000 is reached, they kindly ask everyone who wishes to donate to save their gift until WyoGives Day on July 10. 

Bonus: because it is matched, your gift’s impact is even more significant!

The gift means that SCLT can help built and maintain new trails like what’s being built at Red Grade Trails right now! Gifts can help conserve local lands for agriculture, wildlife, clean water, and open space, just like the three families who have permanently conserved their lands with us in the past year! SCLT also continues to tell stories of our past, like the Iron Riders driving/cycling tour we’re launching on June 19th at 2 p.m. at the Sheridan Inn! In 1897, the 25th Infantry Regiment Bicycle Corps – better known as The Iron Riders, pedaled through Sheridan County on a 1,900-mile journey as part of the U.S. Army’s Great Bicycle Experiment.

Interested people can help birds, mule deer, and antelope at a pair of volunteer opportunities coming soon. There will be a Wet Meadow Restoration Day on June 12th and Soldier Ridge Fence Removal Night on June 20th.

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