Barrasso: It’s Time to Get Serious About Expanding U.S. Mineral Production

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (ENR), delivered remarks at a recent full committee hearing to discuss the scope and scale of critical mineral demand and recycling of critical minerals. Barrasso said the hearing was a chance to discuss the industries that are driving demand for critical minerals.

Senator Barrasso

Barrasso said cutting China and Russia out of global mineral supply chains won’t be easy, as Russia’s state-run nickel company produces nearly 20 percent of the world’s high-grade, battery quality nickel supply, and China controls over 90 percent of the global rare earth element market, including refining and processing. Barrasso closed his remarks by saying that it is clearly time for us to get serious about expanding domestic mineral production.


  1. Rigged elections have consequences, john. Too bad you never challenged it. I think people are more concerned about gas prices and domestic oil production, than a green economy that will destroy this country.

  2. How come you can’t say its time to be serious about US democracy and the constitution, Dr? You took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, but when the time came to fulfill it, after the US capitol was ransacked and an attempt made to overturn an election, you said and did nothing. Self serving only for the sake of power, not wanting to offend neither your moneyed friends nor the dim chest thumping GOP members. No integrity, no character. Considering the source, I don’t think anything you say warrants a serious listen.

    • Have you been watching the MI whitmer ‘kidnapping’ case, denny? 2 have had their cases dropped, and the other 2 will likely see the same result. Why did the fed prosecutors withhold evidence, and threaten the defense lawyers? How many FIB agents were involved in that entrapment? You would see many similarities in the J6 fake insurrection if you would bother to look. Enjoy your green economy, denny, you voted for it.

      • the constant bang on the drum about jan 6 is to take eyes off bidens failures.. nothing will do that.. biden failures are to big and too numerous.. and oh yes…..HERE COMES HUNTERS LAPTOP

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