Tongue River Water Diversion Could Be Altered Near Power Plant

Sheridan Media files

A portion of the Tongue River that was altered in the past could be set back or partially set back to the way it was.

Next week the Sheridan County Conservation District will send out requests for cost estimate proposals, to either remove, partially remove or alter the diversion in the Tongue River near the site of the Old Acme Power Plant.

The diversion was put in long ago to provide water to the power plant, but now that the plant is closed, there’s little to no need for it to stay in the river.

Conservation District Manager Carrie Rogaczewski says now-a-days, the diversion is not doing what it’s supposed to do anymore.

Carrie Rogaczewski

“It’s not diverting water anymore and it’s not really functioning but it is still a barrier to fish migration and recreation floating and that’s not our purpose. Our purpose is from the fish habitat and then stream function.”

The Power Plant was built back in 1910 and was closed in 1976, when management decided to not upgrade to meet EPA compliance.

The Conversation District bought the plant back in 2017, and is working on reclaiming the area.

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