Big game applications are open

The Wyoming Game and Fish big game application period opened on Jan. 4. 

Resident and nonresident hunters can begin to submit applications for elk, deer, antelope, spring turkey, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat. 

First deadline is Feb. 1, for nonresident elk and resident and nonresident spring turkey. Nonresident elk results are scheduled to be released on May 20, according to Game and Fish Public Information Specialist Christina Schmidt. 

Nonresident deer and antelope draw results are expected June 17.

Resident hunters have until June 1, to apply for deer, elk and antelope. Results are scheduled for release on June 17. 

While appearing on Sheridan Media‚Äôs Public Pulse, Schmidt informed listeners that to be a resident, it requires 12 full months of living in Wyoming. 

C. Schmidt

New for this year, hunters can choose to make a donation for the Wildlife Crossing program, according to Schmidt. This program works to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions around the state through fencing, signage, mowing, underpasses and more projects. All money donated will be used for that purpose specifically, Schmidt said.

Hunters can still donate to Access Yes and Search and Rescue as well. Last year hunters donated just over a quarter million dollars to Search and Rescue and $170,000 for Access Yes that works to improve public access to private land for hunting and fishing opportunities.

Information and dates for other species is available on the Wyoming Game and Fish Hunt Planner, available here. 

The Hunt Planner has information on preference points, draw odds and detailed information on specific hunt areas, such as terrain, public accessibility and more.

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