Bridge request raises questions of ownership, liability

SEEDA considered a request by the city of Sheridan to build a bridge on SEEDA property. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

A request by the city of Sheridan to build a pedestrian bridge across Goose Creek raised questions of ownership and liability during a meeting this week of the Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority.

The city wants to build the bridge to allow public access to a park located off Decker Road.

Robert Briggs, who’s administrator of the development authority, known as SEEDA, said SEEDA bought an acre of land in the area some years ago, but it now appears that SEEDA acquired more land than was originally thought.

Briggs said the request before the board this week was to allow him and SEEDA’s attorney Rex Arney to work with the city staff to develop the most appropriate action to allow the bridge to be built.

He said there were a couple of options available for that to happen, including granting the city an easement for the bridge or conveying the property to the city.

Lane Thompson, Sheridan’s director of public works, said the proposed bridge location has no value to SEEDA and does present a liability issue to the organization. And, he said, the site is the natural location for the bridge.

Briggs said if the board authorized him and Arney to work with Sheridan city staff to develop an option for a bridge, the matter would have to come back to SEEDA for final approval. With that understanding, SEEDA board members voted approval of such action.

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