UW nutrition program encourages families to go on ‘ghost hunt’

The University of Wyoming Extension department is encouraging families to “go on a ghost hunt” this month.

Kali McCrackin Goodenough, who’s the marketing coordinator for the UW Extension’s Cen$ible Nutrition Program, said the idea is for people to print a ghost image provided by the program and put the image in a window where it can be seen from the street.

As people are walking around town, they can look for the ghosts, she said. Goodenough said this provides families with an alternative activity to trick-or-treating while still encouraging them to get dressed up and go on a walk together.

She said since trick-or-treating won’t necessarily be an activity this year, the ghost hunt provides another physical activity that’s kind of “Halloween-ish” in spirit and still gets people outside and moving.

Four different ghost print-outs are available online at http://bit.ly/GhostHuntPrints, with options to download and print, color and/or cut out the image.

Goodenough said the ghost should be hung in a window facing the street, where it can be seen by people walking by.

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