WDE seeks public comment on proposed computer science performance standards and math extended standards

The Wyoming Department of Education is seeking public comment on proposed Chapter 10 Rules, which include the proposed 2020 Computer Science Performance Standards and 2020 Math Extended Standards. 

The Chapter 10 Rules and regulations pertain to the uniform student content and performance standards for the common core of knowledge and the common core of skills.

Public comment may be submitted online, in person, or via mail, Oct. 2-Nov. 30, 2020. 

The standards documents and proposed Chapter 10 Rules can be found on the Standards Review webpage and at the links below:

Proposed Chapter 10 Rules 

Proposed 2020 Computer Science Performance Standards 

Proposed 2020 Math Extended Standards 

All public comments will be recorded verbatim, including the submitter’s name and city of residence, on the Secretary of State website as part of the rules promulgation process.

Send written comments to:

Wyoming Department of Education

Attn: Barb Marquer

122 W. 25th Street, Suite E200

Cheyenne, WY 82002

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