School District 1 trustees to reconsider dual enrollment costs

School District 1 trustees are reconsidering a practice that requires students to reimburse the district if they fail a dual enrollment class. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

In the past, Sheridan County School District 1 has asked the district’s students to reimburse the district for tuition if a student fails a dual enrollment class.

But District 1 Superintendent Pete Kilbride said trustees are now reconsidering that practice.

Kilbride said School District 1 currently pays the tuition upfront for students who enroll for Sheridan College classes under the dual enrollment program. He said as long as the student passes the class, he or she doesn’t owe any money to the district.

But if the student fails the class, he or she is required to reimburse the school district. He asked school district trustees at a recent work session to consider whether they want to continue that practice.

He said he doesn’t want to discourage a student from enrolling for dual or concurrent classes at Sheridan College.

He expects trustees to make a decision on the practice at a regular board meeting, probably in October.

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