Big Horn, Tongue River sports fans can watch games from home

The Sheridan County School District 1 Recreation District will pick up the tab for a license that will allow fans of the district’s two high schools to watch the athletic games from home at no cost this year.

School District Superintendent Pete Kilbride said the decision was the result of a request he made at the recreation district board earlier this week.

Kilbride said the district’s concern was that, because of limitations on the number of spectators allowed at a game, many people wouldn’t be able to attend the games. A site license would allow people to watch the games on Internet via the NFHS network.

NFHS, he said, is the National Federation of High Schools.

Kilbride said the cost for the license is $3,000 per high school – a total $6,000 – and the recreation board had enough money to pay the full cost. Kilbride said there will be no cost to the school district, and those who can’t attend the games will be able to watch them online for free.

He said at this time, the games provided this way will be football, basketball and volleyball.

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