Activities will be part of District 2 schools this year

Activities Director Don Julian talks about activities, and how they'll be different, at a school board meeting. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Activities at Sheridan schools will look somewhat different this year, but they will be happening.

Don Julian, who’s Sheridan County School District 2 activities director, talked about what will be done – and what will be done differently – at a meeting of the district’s trustees earlier this week.

He said the district is following guidelines set by the Wyoming Department of Health in developing protocols for the year ahead.

Julian said the district has purchased more personal protective equipment, including masks. In addition, he said, the district found more specialized masks for students in the choir and in the band, which allows the students to be masked while they play their instruments. In fact, he said, the district has found masks for the musical instruments. He said the district has adjusted a significant amount of fall gatherings, like the annual Booster Club barbecue, to avoid large gatherings of people. Trustee Tony Wendtland (WENT-lund) said he wasn’t worried about what Julian is doing, but he was worried nonetheless.

Julian said there are risks, but there also are rewards in continuing activities like sports and band in the schools. He said Sheridan Junior High School will follow the same protocols as the high school.

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