Emerging Infectious Diseases Topic of Science Lecture

College District President Dr. Walt Tribley expects to ask for an end to financial exigency declaration next month. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Dr. Walter Tribley will give a lecture on “Emerging Infectious Diseases: Not Your Mother’s Common Cold” at 7 p.m. Wednesday via Zoom.

The event is open free to the public.

Tribley is president of the Northern Wyoming Community College District and a scientist trained in molecular biology with an emphasis in gene regulation.

His talk will provide an overview of concepts related to emerging or “new” diseases, from drug-resistant bacteria to viruses like HIV and COVID-19. The presentation will include discussion of how drug-resistant bacteria become prevalent, and the basic mechanisms of action for viruses.

To attend the free lecture, go online to www.sheridan.edu/lecture at the event time.

Dr. Tribley became fascinated with biology as a child by going camping and fishing with his dad. After earning undergraduate degrees in biology and education and a masters degree in biology at the University of Idaho, he started his career teaching biology at a community college in Florida. He later received a doctorate in biochemistry from Washington State University, where he studied the regulation of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor gene.

He worked in biotech as a scientist and lab manager at a company trying to develop blood tests for gynecologic cancers, then left biotech for his first love, teaching. He has been engaged in community college administration for the past 18 years.

He became president of the Northern Wyoming Community College District on July 1, 2019.

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Dennis Fox
9 months ago

In a normal flu season, 30 to 80 thousand Americans die. That’s despite available flu shots for that year’s strain. Have not seen any data on people expiring from other types of flu. I suspect that all “flu-like” deaths have been lumped together. The CDC website instructs doctors to list all TB or respiratory deaths as Covid-19. (no testing reg’d). That is likely inflating the numbers. And if that’s the case, this is, in fact, a “normal” flu season. It’s just that this virus is “new.” While every death is tragic, our overly-cautious response of quarantining the entire country, is also doing significant damage to our economy, our liberty and our overall health. Shutting in the sick with the healthy is causing additional death. Never in history have we shut down almost all commerce and travel. All of our governor-imposed “orders” should expire on 15 May. We need to restore common sense and constitutional self-government to Wyoming. If we don’t open our economy soon, this may go down as the country’s first, self-inflicted, Great Depression. The first Great Depression was terrible and this one could be worse.

Ezra petersen
9 months ago

Should I listen to someone “lecture” me on infectious disease whose main doctoral focus was on male pattern baldness?