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Sheridan County Library System has updated circulation policy

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Sheridan County Public Library System Circulation Services Supervisor Angel Mann alerted the public to the new policy that has been implemented within every library in the system. 

For over two decades, Mann has worked within the Sheridan County Library System. She said it was the new Sheridan County Library Director, Amy Long, who asked her team if there was any way to improve policies to better serve Sheridan County. 

A. Mann

The work by the supervisors has resulted in longer barrow times (newer items do not apply), a new automatic renewal feature and a circulation policy that is little more forgiving of late returns. Mann reminds the community that these policy changes only apply to the libraries within the Sheridan County Library System. 

A. Mann

Late fee accrual has also received an update. 

A. Mann

To learn more about the Sheridan County Library System, click here.

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