Mayor and Council’s Message to the Community

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

The following is a letter issued by Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller and the Sheridan City Council:

Mayor Roger Miller and the City Council of Sheridan would like to thank everyone in our Sheridan community for their cooperation and community support during this difficult COVID-19 Pandemic. We very much appreciate everyone adhering to the social distancing and healthy habit practices across our community, both in private at your homes and in public places. Our community health is extremely important and very tenuous for all of us in Sheridan County.

Social distancing practices are extremely important to our community health right now, particularly inside our essential large businesses that we frequent every week for grocery items and supplies. Our community parks, playgrounds and pathways are one of our greatest in-town assets to take in fresh air and retain our individual piece of mind. It is equally important in our outside gathering places to practice the social distancing recommendation. .

Keeping group activities and clusters of people to less than 10 people while staying at least 6 feet apart are the standards of good social distancing practices. When groups of people gather at a building entryway, or a check out counter in a business, or a pathway parking lot it is critical for everyone to maintain that 6 foot circle around each person to help us limit the potential for community spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in working together to keep all our neighbors, friends and family’s health at the forefront of our minds while we move about our community every day. We all must continue to perform our best individual health safety practices while we assist with the needs of our most vulnerable community members. While we practice our personal social distancing throughout our community, we must remember to care for and protect our seniors and health-compromised residents.

This COVID-19 Pandemic can turn our community health and our Country’s economy upside down very quickly. We understand this COVID-19 virus is a fluid situation and we must do all in our power to stay safe, be healthy and be helpful. This is why we are asking everyone to take personal responsibility for keeping our public spaces healthy and safe for all.

All our best wishes of health and success to everyone. Thank you all for your help in managing this difficult time.

Mayor Roger Miller Councilman Clint Beaver
Council President Richard Bridger Councilman Jacob Martin
Council VP Thayer Shafer Councilman Patrick Henderson
Councilman Aaron Linden

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